Old German Script Course 2019

Tentative SCHEDULE

Sat July 27                                Arrival/Registration   -       Casual (optional) welcome dinner and orientation.

Sun July 28, 2018                         1 pm - 3, 3:30-6                   Session 1 and 2

                                                      6:30 p.m.                             Official Welcome Dinner

Mon July 39 - Fri Aug 2                9-12                                     Morning Sessions                    

                                                      4- 6:00  pm                          Afternoon Sessions

                                                      6:30                                     Final Dinner

‚ÄčSat Aug 3                                      9-11                                     Departure







INSTRUCTION: 30 hours of group instruction

Instruction in Old German Script will take place in the Archives of the Moravian Church, Southern Province in the Old Salem historic district of Winston-Salem, NC.   Instruction includes practice writing in script as a means of increasing reading fluency, and introduction to a variety of online and print resources which are important tools for researchers working with documents written in Old German Script. Participants transcribe a variety of documents from Old Script, including Erdmuth Dorothea von Zinzendorf's 1741 Testament and Travel Diaries, Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf's Lebenslauf of Erdmuth Dorothea and a sample of texts from the vault of the Moravian Archives.  Participants are invited to send 2-3 page samples from their own projects for use in class instruction. 


Several locations will be available for independent and group study in the afternoons and evenings. Participants can use the reading room and resources of the Archives during their free time, or tour historic Old Salem Museum and Gardens. Wake Forest University, Reynolda House Museum of American History, Bethabara Park and Historic Bethania are all sites of historic interest.  We will be happy to arrange visits to any sites of interest to students.

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for Women's Words


The Moravian Archives and Old Salem are within easy walking distance of a number of Bed and Breakfasts, Air B&Bs and hotels, and the Archives staff will work with you to find lodging in an affordable price range.